Weighing 70kg, French Assouline Displays “Largest Book on AlUla” at RIBF

Riyadh, Weighing 70 kilograms, the book "AlUla" was published by the French publishing house of Assouline which is participating for the first time in the first event in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The book contributed to attracting many visitors to Riyadh International Book Fair (RIBF) 2021.

Danny, who is in charge of the French publishing house of Assouline, said that the book took more than two years to prepare, and was issued in cooperation with the Royal Commission for AlUla.

The book, which was prepared from luxurious handcrafted pages, is around a timeless journey filled with ancient mysteries, AlUla's natural wonders and scenic beauty.

Available in two sizes, a large volume in black and blue and a small volume in blue and beige. This huge edition celebrates the depth of human civilization experience, the wonders of nature and the amazing human landmarks being represented by the city of "AlUla" as the largest open museum in the world.

Also, the book contains a collection of dazzling photographs taken by the international photographer Robert Polidori and illustrations by the comprehensive artist Ignasi Monreal.

Regarding this limited edition, each page of the volume takes the reader to the ancient magic of AlUla, and introduces him/her to the artistic and innovative works made by various civilizations throughout thousands of years, who have lived for a long time in the terrain of AlUla and its exceptional nature and unique mountains, leaving traces of their languages, cultures and way of life.

Moreover, the volume includes pictures and drawings of huge tombs in Hegra area as well as pictures of huge stones carved out by erosion factors such as the rock of "Elephant Mountain", in addition to pictures and drawings of rock art that show the animal environment of the area over thousands of years.

Source: Saudi Press Agency