Observers: civil society organizations monitoring electoral process marks turning point

The participation of civil society organizations in monitoring the electoral process is prompting a turning point in Kuwaiti parliamentary elections, affirmed observers on Tuesday.

Head of Kuwaiti society of monitoring and reviewing parliamentary performance Nasser Al-Shelaimi told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that this further bolsters citizens' confidence in the integrity of the process.

Al-Sheliami affirmed that it is an extension of the state's efforts in defining the rights and freedoms of the individual.

He further added that a healthy political atmosphere enables observers to produce accurate analytical statistics.

As for Adnan Al-Rashed, head of the Kuwaiti Journalists' society, he told KUNA that the cabinet decision to allow non-governmental organizations to monitor the process is a testament to the confidence in local bodies.

Al-Rashed spoke of the historic role of Kuwaiti journalism in covering election news, as the Kuwaiti came to rely on local media outlets for transparent news items.

Al-Rashed urged all media outlets whether modern or orthodox to conform to principles of transparency and integrity.

Source: Kuwait News Agency