Ministry of Culture Publishes Full Version of Cultural Status Report

Riyadh, Ministry of Culture has published the full English version of the "Report on the State of Culture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2020: Digitalization of Culture” on its official website at ( ).In about 307 ...

Riyadh, Ministry of Culture has published the full English version of the "Report on the State of Culture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2020: Digitalization of Culture” on its official website at ( ).

In about 307 pages, the report includes numbers, statistics and in-depth research studies for the cultural sector in 2020. Given this year’s unprecedented circumstances, the report also delves into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the sector and its ability to adapt to exceptional conditions while ensuring sustainable sector-based growth, most evident in the successful digitalization of Saudi cultural activities in 2020.

The report tackles the status of each respective cultural sub-sector, reviewing the sector’s distinctive features, successes and even shortcomings during the year 2020.

This was presented through seven key areas: "Creativity and Production, Presence and Proliferation, Participation, Infrastructure and Creative Economy, Digitalization of Culture, Organizational Developments, and Sustainable Heritage Management."

Under these key areas, the report provides a comprehensive analysis for all cultural sub-sectors: heritage, museums, archaeological and cultural landscapes, theater and performing arts, books and publications, architecture and design, natural heritage, film, fashion, language and translation, culinary arts, cultural festivals and events, literature, libraries, visual arts, and music.

Digitalization of culture was recognized as a cornerstone of success as the sector resiliently adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic, during which in-person cultural activities relied on innovative virtual alternatives.

The Ministry of Culture, therefore, selected it as the subtitle of the report, through which it reviewed the digital transformations that had affected the cultural sector, and were reflected in the nature of activities and events provided by individuals and Saudi cultural institutions during 2020.

The chapters of the report encompass all the decisions and regulations in support of the sector’s growth and development.

This is in addition to a description of the cultural sector’s potentials and challenges, and an inventory of the achievements made by Saudi creatives in 2020, based on official sources that included preliminary data issued by various entities, including the 11 cultural commissions, government and private institutions as well as 130 experts, practitioners and cultural officials.

The report also includes the Cultural Participation Survey 2020, which was carried out in cooperation with the Saudi Center for Public Opinion Poll in 13 regions of the Kingdom.

The Cultural Status report 2020 is the second version of an annual report issued by the Ministry of Culture to monitor developments in the Saudi cultural sector year after year.

By releasing the report, the ministry aims to provide an updated reference and a tool to assess the state of culture in the Kingdom, identify development trends, and benefit researchers, cultural institutions and individuals with information built on accredited research and data. This is set to directly contribute to advancing the Saudi cultural sector by highlighting and amplifying efforts undertaken by the ministry and its cultural commissions.

The Cultural Status report stems from the Ministry of Culture’s belief in the importance of understanding the cultural situation in all regions of the Kingdom.

This is achieved through a research product available to the public at any time, painting an accurate picture of the rapid pace of sector-based development that is both informative and accessible. The report therefore fills a crucial gap in relaying the data-driven depth and magnitude of development across cultural sub-sectors, granting creatives, artists, and the general public a reliable frame of reference with which they can track and celebrate the sector’s progress going forward.

Source: Saudi Press Agency