Khazali: Asa’ib’s Weapon Is the “Most Disciplined”, And No Member Has Been Proven To Have Participated in Targeting Protesters

Baghdad, The Secretary-General of the Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq movement, Qais al-Khazali, disclosed the developments of forming the State Administration Coalition, and his movement’s position on the political scene in Iraq.


Al-Khazali said, in press statements followed by the National Iraqi News Agency, today, Tuesday, “There is no sudden expected change within the coordination framework, just as there is no change within the Sunni and Kurdish components.”


He added, “The state administration coalition is more likely to respond to realistic political conditions that have arisen after the withdrawal of the Sadrist bloc from the House of Representatives,” considered that “one of the most important reasons for not forming the government is the absence of a superstructure equation that produces the production of a government formation.”


On the movement’s position and its weapons, he clarified that “Asa’ib is not the only party that owns an armed wing. There are other parties that have armed arms,” noting that: “If someone proves that the Asa’ib weapons are loose and we have violations, then let him provide me with documented evidence, for Asa’ib’s weapon is more disciplined by others.


On Asaib’s position on international relations, Khazali stressed, “There is no rejection. Rather, we encourage and push for the development of Iraq’s relations and openness with the Arab Gulf states, the neighborhood and the world, because Iraq can play an important role in the region more than its current role, and this includes all neighboring countries, including the Arab Gulf, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.


And about the last statement of the Coordination Framework meeting, the Secretary-General of Asaib: explained that “The position of the Coordination Framework did not determine a party, but rather rejected all foreign interventions in the Iraqi affairs, and we mean French interventions in particular, but for diplomatic considerations that were circulated,” noting that “France has not been concerned with Iraq for decades, but since the formation of the current government, France has begun to take a greater role than it, perhaps because of personal relations with some statesmen, and therefore the course of international relations must be in one format that does not deviate to any party to correct its position with Iraq.”


On Asaib’s position on the popular demonstrations, Khazali commented, “It has not been proven that anyone affiliated with Asaib targeted any protester or activist, and if there is something, it may be a personal act that does not represent the movement.”


He added, “The majority of the demonstrators have legitimate demands that are not politicized. Personally, I classify them to Tishreen who have legitimate demands, and Tishreen who are politicized. They have personal agendas and interests.


He continued, “After the formation of the current government, all masks fell and the face of politicized Tishreen clear , and most of Tishreen’s politicized cadres became clear and known, but Tishreen who have ligimate demands remained oppressed even from the politicized Tishreen itself.”


Regarding targeting the demonstrators, Khazali said: “No one is fair to accuse the former prime minister of giving orders to target the demonstrators, but the lack of professionalism of the security forces in dealing with the popular protests was the cause of the casualties among the demonstrators, with the presence of infiltrators who tried to increase the rift between the security forces and the demonstrators.”


Regarding the positions of the political blocs, he saw that: “There is no Iraqi party responsible for what is happening and what is happening from their positions on social media sites and media.”


He continued, “Neither the Tishreenians are infidels, nor are the Sadrists traitors, nor are the PMF infiltrators, everyone is the sons of our people and our country, and therefore I call for a charter of honor regulating these means and their societal role. ”


Regarding the upcoming demonstrations, Khazali stressed that “every party has the right to express its peaceful opinion, as it is a right guaranteed by the constitution, but there will be intrusive elements exploiting the upcoming October demonstrations, and there may be direct targeting of women during the demonstration.”


Regarding the naming of “Talout Al-Sharrouki” through social media, Al-Khazali stressed that “the name is derived from a Quranic verse, with which we give a southern Iraqi sign of a wide spectrum. They are the simple public class that does not have special addresses or effective privileges.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency