Iranian Education Minister: Supporting education sector in Syria to address impacts of quake

Damascus, Iranian Minister of Education, Dr. Yousef Nouri, extends condolence over quake victims, affirming that his country stands by Syria in its affliction.

During a video conference meeting with the Minister of Education Dr.Darem Tabaa , Dr. Nuri pointed out the strong relations between Iran and Syria in various fields, especially educational ones, stressing readiness to support the educational sector in the affected governorates.

Nouri indicated that several Iranian aid planes were sent through the Red Crescent and a fundraising campaign was launched by students and their administrations under the supervision of the Iranian Ministry of Education to help the earthquake victims.

For his part, Minister Tabaa appreciated the support provided by Iran and thanked the Iranian students and teachers for their assistance.

The Minister said that the statistics indicate that the earthquake victims, including teachers and students, reach to 142 victims, and 139 schools were turned into shelter centers for the affected families in Lattakia, Aleppo and Hama.

Source: Syria Arab News Agency