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POWERCHINA Sets Another Example of China-Côte d’Ivoire Cooperation, Benefiting the People

BEIJING, Dec. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A news report from: CRI Online: POWERCHINA is implementing the concept of extensive consultation, jointly contribution and shared benefits with its heart and sincerity in Côte d’Ivoire, a Western African country far away from the sea. The Gribo-Popoli Hydropower Station built by POWERCHINA will make Sassandra River a new […]

t Kitts and Nevis upgrades its citizenship by investment programme to boost its hospitality industry

Basseterre, Dec. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Saint Kitts and Nevis is boosting its local hospitality and tourism sector with investments received through its citizenship by investment programme. This is according to the recently elected Prime Minister of the twin-island federation who concluded a four-day visit to Dubai, from 29 November to 3 December 2022. […]

‫‫أرسنال وLABS Group يعلنان عن شراكة جديدة

سنغافورة، 7 ديسمبر 2022 / PRNewswire / — أعلنت أرسنال و LABS Group عن شراكة جديدة اليوم والتي تجعل LABS Group الشريك الرسمي لعضوية الفنادق والمنتجعات في آسيا وأوروبا. ستركز LABS Group على صناعة الضيافة، مما يسمح للفنادق والمنتجعات بإنشاء برامج المشاركة بالوقت وتخصيصها من خلال سوقها الرقمي الجديد، Staynex ، الذي سيتم إطلاقه في […]

2022 Yidan Prize Summit: Providing a Platform to Spotlight Educator Development and Empowerment

HONG KONG, Dec. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Yidan Prize Foundation, the global philanthropic foundation behind the world’s highest education accolade, hosted the 2022 Yidan Prize Summit yesterday. Teachers are facing more—and more complex—challenges than ever before. The United Nations called on us all to better support teachers at the Transforming Education Summit (TES) in […]