Al-Jaafari discusses with Al-Mandhari cooperation aspects between Syria and WHO

Damascus, Deputy Foreign and Expatiates Minister ,Dr.Bashar al-Jaafari discussed with WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean, Ahmed Al-Mandhari and the Representative of WHO in Syria Dr. Eman al-Chankiti aspects of cooperation between the country and the organization.


Dr.Al-Mandhari asserted that the robust healthcare system Syria has enjoyed before the crisis considerably contributed to its resilience, unlike most states where crises have occurred.


Al-Mandhari noted to the partnership and close cooperation between Syria and the organization that resulted in several projects and programs which contributed to strengthening the Syrian healthcare system.


He also hailed Syria’s high diplomatic performance in the international forums, especially in the Security Council and Geneva offices, emphasizing that the Syrian diplomats’ interventions have always put the record straight.


Al-Ja’afari, in turn, noted that politicizing the work of some international organizations leads to undermining their roles, stressing that the WHO being far from politicization ;the issue that contributed to making its success in Syria and worldwide despite the increase of epidemics in the recent years.


Al-Ja’afari added that the unjust economic measures imposed on Syrians prevent the country from obtaining the essential medical materials and equipment such as MRI machines and even surgical threads and many other basic items.


Al-Jaafari highly appreciated the distinguished work of WHO office in Syria, underling that all UN offices in Syria and all non-governmental organizations must spend their entire budget in projects that serve the Syrian citizen ,and not to return these funds to their source if they are not disbursed.


At the end of the meeting , Al-Jafari invited WHO Director-General , Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, to visit Syria.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency