Slovak Communist Party, Syrian Students in Slovakia call on EU to stop economic terrorism against Syria

Bratislava, The Slovak Communist Party and the National Union of Syrian Students (NUSS) in Slovakia have called on the European Union to stop the economic terrorism against the Syrian people which is represented by imposing unfair coercive economic measures on their country.

In a letter delivered to the European Commission in Brussels by the Union’s representative office in the Slovak capital, Bratislava, the Communist Party and the National Union of Syrian Students, Slovakia Branch said that the continuation of wrong and absurd policies of the European Union towards Syria once again shows the blind hatred against it, and the European politicians’ decision to prolong the suffering of the Syrian people.

The letter noted that the Western countries continue practicing the cheapest types of political blackmailing by linking the contribution in the reconstruction in Syria and achieving progress in the political solution with Syria’s subjugation to the dictations and foreign agendas as a main condition for the contribution to the reconstruction regardless of the will and aspirations of the Syrian people.

The letter also noted that the continuation of imposing coercive economic measures on Syria and the policy of collective punishment will lead to exacerbating the humanitarian situation and to depriving the Syrian people of the basic needs of live, it also significantly will affect the Health sector in Syria at the time when the novel coronavirus pandemic is spreading.

It called on the European Union to adopt a realistic approach in dealing with the Syrian Government, and to hold dialogue and cooperate with it in a way that would contribute to moving forwards in the political solution to the crisis in Syria, and would achieve the aspirations and hopes of the Syrian people in line with the UN resolutions, which stress that this solution should be under the Syrian leadership without any foreign intervention.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency