Syria, Russia: US occupation forces make conditions in refugee camps worse, provide continued support to ISIS

Damascus, Syria and Russia have affirmed that the presence of the US occupation forces worsens the conditions of the camps inhabited by displaced Syrians, especially in al-Houl camp, at a time when Daesh “ISIS” terrorists continue their activities in carrying out terrorist acts with the support of these forces in the Syrian territories.

The Syrian and Russian Coordination Commissions concerned with the return of the displaced Syrians indicated in a statement to the continuation of the efforts of the Syrian and Russian sides to provide various assistance with the aim of securing the voluntary and safe return of the displaced to their areas liberated from terrorism and restoring normal life.

“The Syrian state gives special attention to combating the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, stabilizing conditions in the field of security, securing job opportunities for citizens, and rebuilding the economy, housing and infrastructure,” the statement noted, adding that “At the present time, work is increasing in these aforementioned domains.”

The statement reiterated that the United States of America and its allies are still practicing a set of measures and creating conditions in order to prevent the displaced from returning from the lands of neighboring countries with Syria to their areas and from restoring their normal lives.

The statement added that the policy of imposing illegal sanctions by the United States of America against Syria prevents the implementation of large economic projects that would provide job opportunities and increase the income of Syrian citizens, all of which serves the main objective of impeding the return of the displaced.

The statement pointed to the worsening conditions in the areas controlled by the US occupation, especially in al-Houl camp in northeastern Syria, where ISIS terrorists continue their terror inside the camp with the support of the US occupation forces that deliver weapons, ammunition and wireless devices to them, which was reflected on the ground as the activities of the Takfiri organization have increased and the assassinations it carried out against the residents of the camp have also increased.

The two commissions affirmed that the presence of the US occupation forces in Syria and the failure to take the required measures to resolve the issue of the camps leads to worsening the situation in them in particular and to the increase in the terrorist activities in the Syrian territories and in a region in general through the support that the terrorists receive from these forces.

The statement called on the international community to focus its efforts on “providing real assistance to the Syrian people, rebuilding their economy, and taking the required steps to end the sanctions imposed on Syria immediately in order to consolidate the security and stability in Syria and the region.”


Source: Syria Arab News Agency