Video documents US occupation’s theft of Syrian oil and gas from Hasaka into Iraqi territory

Hasaka, A videotape published by Sputnik website documented process of looting the Syrian oil by US occupation forces from one of the US-controlled wells in Rmeilan area in  Hasaka countryside.

The video observed a group of tanks and vehicles of the US occupation evacuating oil and gas from wells located between the villages of Suwaidah Muhammad Al-Dahham and Suwaidah Muhammad Al-Olayan in Yarubiyah near the Syrian-Iraqi borders in the farthest east of Hasaka province, then transporting them into northern Iraq.

A number of oil and gas fields in areas of Syrian al-Jazeera come under control of the US occupation forces and their militias of QSD groups, where they turned these fields into illegitimate military bases.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency