Foreign Ministry: Syria disapproves convening so-called “Brussels V conference” without invitation of Syrian government

Damascus, Syria has disapproved convening so-called “Brussels V conference” without the invitation of the Syrian Government, affirming rejection of this “show event and the illegitimacy of its outcomes.”
“The Syrian Arab Republic expresses its disapproval of holding that Conference without the invitation of the Syrian government which is the side concerned in the Syrian people’s affairs and the main partner of the UN,” Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in a letter addressed to UN Secretary General and President of Security Council on Wednesday.
The letter added that UN participation in the presidency of that conference in light of the absence of the government concerned represents a clear violation of the principles of UN Charter and Security Council relevant resolutions, which all call for respecting sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic.
“Imposing and renewing more unilateral, coercive measures by the EU and US , despite their negative impacts and coincidence with the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, and organizing that conference at the same time reflect hypocrisy in dealing with the humanitarian situation in Syria.” the ministry said.
It added that providing humanitarian assistance can’t be equal to imposing unilateral coercive measures which has become a form of economic terrorism, referring to demands by UN Secretary General and senior representatives at the UN to remove those sanctions.
Foreign Ministry went on to say that that organizers of Brussels conference persisted to claim their support for the Syrian people and providing assistance by mobilizing member states to allocate necessary financial resources, but the facts have proven that this conference has turned into a tool of pressure and blackmail in the hands of donor countries to impose their dictates on the mechanisms of providing humanitarian aid and politicizing the humanitarian work.
It added that Syria affirms that improving the living conditions of the Syrian people requires engaging in serious and constructive cooperation with the Syrian government and supporting its efforts along with its humanitarian partners to meet the humanitarian needs and provide support for the Syrians wherever they were.
Foreign Ministry stressed that the center of the humanitarian task in Syria is Damascus and not in any other city.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency