Syrian medical delegation discusses cooperation with Russia in providing artificial limbs

Moscow, A Syrian medical delegation discussed on Friday with doctors of “Federal Medical Center in Moscow , “the Syrian-Russian cooperation in providing artificial limbs and offering assistance to the Syrian health system to overcome the impacts of terrorist war to which the country was exposed.

Zvezda TV channel of the Russian Defense Ministry said that a delegation of Syrian doctors, including representatives from Tishreen Military Hospital and al-Assad University Hospital, visited the Federal Medical Biophysical Center in Moscow and participated in one the operations of prosthetic limbs that were conducted in.

“Today, in presence of our Russian colleagues, we noticed a surgical operation to replace artificial limbs and discussed issues on providing assistance to Syria in the prosthetic limbs in addition to assistance in other domains to restore the Syrian health care system that was affected by terrorist war on Syria,” director of Tishreen Military Hospital, Dr. Moufid Darwish said in an interview with reporter of the Russian channel.

The channel noted that two new training centers will soon be opened to train specialists in injury treatment and orthopedic surgery in Moscow and Damascus.

The channel pointed out that the delegation of Syrian doctors will visit some hospitals and health centers in Moscow during several days and will participate in some of the surgeries that are taking place.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency