Fia-Arab condemns economic terrorism targeting the Syrians

Buenos Aires, The Federation of Argentine Arab Societies Fia-Arab  has condemned the economic terrorism practiced against Syria through Western unilateral coercive measures targeting the Syrian people.

“these illegal measures aim to starve the Syrian people, hinder rebuilding process in Syria and spread the climate of instability.” the Federation said in a statement.

The Federation affirmed its support to Syria in preserving its territorial integrity, safety and national sovereignty, and in defending its national economy in the face of US and Western blockade and economic terrorism, calling on the Argentine government to defend international legitimacy and work in international forums to confront the economic terrorism against Syria and its people.

The Federation also denounced the presence of foreign forces on the Syrian lands and the operations of looting and stealing of Syrian resources, especially oil, describing them as “violation of international law and the UN Charter”.

The statement also denounced the Israeli and US repeated aggression on Syrian lands.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency