Russian experts: Syria’s steadfastness thwarts terrorist war against it

Moscow, Syrian people and army steadfastness have foiled the terrorist war and the schemes targeting their country, Russian political experts said.

During a press conference via video in Moscow, a number of Russian experts specialized in the Middle East affairs and US studies, presented a report in which they divulged the real goals of US policy and Washington’s illegitimate presence in the Syrian lands.

Head of the Institute of Asian and African countries at Moscow State University Morgulov Igor Abelgaziev said that the US practices against Syria has resembled their aggressive practices in the rest of the world which aim to achieve their interests and private goals

Abelgaziev asserted that the US has supported the terrorist organizations, which it has created, in their crimes against the Syrian people and their legitimate government.

In a response to SANA correspondent in Moscow, Vladimir Isaev, a Professor at the Institute of Asian and African countries said that the economic situation is getting more complicated in Syria due to the unilateral coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people by US and its allies including the so-called Caesar Act”, which prohibited supplying Syria with medicine and medical equipment needed to combat coronavirus epidemic.

Isaev stressed that the US and Turkey are not interested in stabilizing Syria, but they are working to hinder the reconstruction process in it, and continuing provocations against the Syrian Arab Army.

The Russian researcher underlined the importance of implementing the basic task of preserving the Syrian sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity, and this is what the Formula of Astana, Geneva process and any other international attempts related to the Syrian situation, should work on .

For her part, the Advisor of Media group (Russian Sevodnia), Veronika Krasnnikova said that the US has continued occupying the Syrian territories and plundering Syria’s natural resources, including oil, gas, wheat and others.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency