Syrian tribes in Deir Ezzor support national stance, reject all forms of occupation

Deir Ezzor, Syrian clans and tribes in Deir Ezzor renewed their commitment to homeland and its territorial integrity, affirming support to the Syrian Arab army in the fight against terrorism and rejecting all forms of occupation.

The Arab clans and Tribes, during a forum which was kicked off on Monday in Deir Ezzor, affirmed adherence to national principles, rejection of all forms of occupation and standing by the Syrian Arab Army in its war against terrorism.

“The Syrian tribes categorically reject US and Turkish occupation presence on the Syrian territories,” the closing statement of the Forum said, affirming that the Syrian tribes will resist the occupation and their agents.

The statement added that popular resistance is the way to liberate the Syrian land from the occupation and their cheap tools who plundered and ruined the capabilities of Syrian people and homeland.

It called for working to unify efforts and expel the occupation.

The tribes addressed a cable to President Bashar al-Assad in which they pledged him to remain as loyal soldiers in the service of Homeland behind his wise and brave leadership.

Governor of Deir Ezzor, Fadel Najjar, for his part, praised the role of the Syrian tribes and their national stances during the war on Syria, noting that the forum is an expression of loyalty to Syria, its army and its leadership, and support for the upcoming constitutional entitlement.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency