Syrian students in Russia renew standing by homeland in its war against terrorism

Moscow, Syrian students studying in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) have reaffirmed their standing by their homeland in its war against international terrorism and their participation in the reconstruction process.

During a regular meeting held by the branch of the National Union of Syrian Students in Russia and the countries of (CIS) in Moscow on Sunday, the students referred to the close relationship that binds them with their country’s embassy in Moscow and to the facilitations and assistance it provides to them.

Talks during the meeting also tackled the students’ conditions and many daily issues related to their study and residency, as the students stated that the Coronavirus cases among them were individual and light, and the infected students have recovered.

For his part, Syrian Ambassador to Russia, Dr. Riyad Haddad, affirmed that the embassy will spare no effort in assisting students and will work in cooperation with the Union branch to facilitate their study and scientific research.

He called on the students to double efforts to achieve educational attainment to return to the homeland and participate in rebuilding what the terrorist war has destroyed in their homeland Syria.

Haddad also pointed out that Syria is under siege and unilateral coercive economic measures after an international terrorist war was launched against it, and its factories, agricultural products and oil and natural resources have been stolen, particularly by the USA.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency