The West, its regional allies supported terrorists to destroy Syria, Former Indian diplomat says

New Delhi, Former Indian Diplomat, Ambassador M.K. Bhadrakumar has affirmed that the Western states, on top the US and its regional allies such as the regime of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and some Gulf regimes have supported and financed terrorism over the past years with the aim to destroy Syria.

“The historic fact is represented in that Syria has been a stage for the subversion attempts by the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) since the establishment of the Agency in 1947,” Bhadrakumar said in article published by an Indian website.

He added “There is a whole history of the “regime change” plots sponsored by the agency in Syria, ranging from coup attempts and assassination plots to military strikes, financing and training for anti-government organizations and groups.”

Bhadrakumar noted that what was revealed by documents and media reports during the past years shows the sinister role that the United States and its intelligence have played in supplying, training and financing terrorists in Syria with hundreds of millions of dollars annually, in addition to what the Erdogan regime, the Saudi regime and the Sheikhs of Qatar have done in this context.

“The joint statement issued by the United States and its Western allies last week, ten years after the crisis in Syria, belongs to the realm of imagination … because what we see in reality reveals that the hands of NATO countries, including Turkey and the US allies in the Gulf, are stained with the blood of the Syrians, as they bear responsibility for the tremendous destruction that befell Syria and fueling separatist tendencies that target its unity,” Bhadrakumar said.

He considered that the United States “systematically destroyed the heart, soul and mind of Arabism represented in Syria and Iraq, and it targets Egypt with the aim of perpetuating Western hegemony over the Middle East.”


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency