Egyptian Socialist Party: Syria able to defeat terrorism through its steadfastness

Cairo, The Egyptian Socialist Party has affirmed that Syria is able to defeat terrorism and all forms of aggression on its territory through its steadfastness.

“Terrorist organizations continue their criminal acts against the Syrian state and its people and institutions, and they cooperate with the Turkish occupation forces to implement their schemes which aim to control Syria’s wealth and territory,” the Party said in a statement.

The statement added that Syria is owned by its people and no party has the right to use it as a stage to implement its ambitions and to settle its differences.

It noted that the Turkish regime hasn’t abandoned its ambitions in Syria, and it still pushes its mercenaries to carry out terrorist acts against the Syrian people, while the international community remains silent.

The party asserted that Syria’s steadfastness has protected the region from the danger of terrorist gangs.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency