Cultural and educational event held in Moscow about Syria’s civilization

Moscow, An educational and cultural artistic event, held by Russian military cadets school in Moscow, shed light on the importance of Syria’s history and successive civilizations in addition to its key role in enriching the human civilization with humane values.

The event which was held on Thursday and entitled “Syria’s Sky” focused on the historical stages through which Syria has passed and which prove that it was a center for civilized attraction from which all the foreign visitors acquired a lot of knowledge and norms of a noble civilization.

At the end of the event, Syria’s Ambassador in Moscow, Riad Haddad, expressed thanks and gratitude for those who are in charge with the educational and cultural event specialized in clarifying the terrorist war to which Syria has been subjected in addition to his gratitude for organizers’ role and efforts in enhancing the historical relations between the two friendly peoples in Syria and Russia.


Source: Syria Arab News Agency