FEARAB-America, Cuban-Arab Union renew firm solidarity with Syria

Havana, Federation of American- Arab Associations (FEARAB-America) and the Cuban-Arab Union have renewed their firm solidarity with Syria in its war against terrorism, hailing its resolute struggle in defense of its principles, sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In a message of solidarity addressed to Syria’s Ambassador to Cuba, Dr. Idris Mayya, FEARAB-America and the Union said “The Syrian people and government have been facing for ten years a harsh and destructive war financed and implemented directly by the US and the Israeli entity, with the participation of the backers of this dirty war in which they use mercenaries from different countries along with their military strength.”

“Nevertheless, they have failed in achieving their goals in undermining the steadfastness of the Syrian people and army,” the message added.

The message expressed categorical rejection of the unjust war waged against Syria, calling on all peace-loving people in the world to express their firm opposition to this unjust war which aims to subjugate Syria and its people.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency