China: Syrian people decide the future of their country

Beijing, China’s Deputy Permanent representative to the UN Geng Shuang has asserted that the Syrian people are the ones who decide the future of their country, affirming that the Security Council and the international community should adhere to the political solution to the crisis led by the Syrians.

“The crisis in Syria has lasted for a complete decade during which Syria has suffered from the invasion, foreign occupation, terrorism and unilateral sanctions in an illegitimate way,” Geng said in a speech at the International Security Council delivered via video.

He noted that the process of national development has nearly stopped and the life of the Syrian people has become very difficult due to these situations.

Geng affirmed that “The humanitarian aid and the aid provided for the reconstruction shouldn’t be linked to the political process, because this represents a violation of the humanitarian and neutral principles and the independence, and it undermines the mutual confidence among the parties.”

He renewed China’s call on all the parties concerned to respect Syria’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and to avoid adding new complications to the situation in it.

Speaking about the de-escalation zone in Idleb, Geng said “Terrorists are fortified and they launch frequent attacks, causing civilian casualties, and there are new activities by Daesh (ISIS) terrorists which raise concerns.”

He called on the international community to support the efforts exerted by the Syrian Government in defending the security of the country and fighting the terrorist forces.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency