Aleppo between liberation and rebuilding… example for Syrians’ will that defeated terrorism

Aleppo, Work clock that ticked in the city of Aleppo since the end of 2016 has not stopped. Everyday new machines work in al-Shaikh Najjar, al-Arqoup, al-Ramousa and other areas.

In every market, the city witnesses finalizing of rehabilitation works accomplished by skilled hands in a scene that reflects the Syrians’ will and determination to rise and construct again.

Ancient popular souks and supermarkets returned to work and opened their doors before the residents of the city and the rest of Syrian ones.

The partial or total destruction that inflected the city during the years of terrorist war wasn’t an obstacle in front of its people to restore life cycle to these markets and launch work at the economic capital city.

The will for rebuilding and revive process didn’t stop at the ancient souks and khans, rather it surpassed them to the industrial facilities where hundreds of factories managed to return to work over the past years.

Despite obstacles, blockade and the unjust western and US sanctions that Syrians have been facing, Aleppo citizens challenged all difficulties as the industrial zones there started to witness a clear movement at repairing production lines even on the level of medium and craft industries.

New key industrial areas in Aleppo entered the commercial and industrial cycle such as al-Kallasa, al-Qatarji, al-Arqouba ,al Shakh Najjar and Handarat.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency