Yemeni Government Affirms that Houthi Military Escalation Seeks to Completely Eliminate Political Path

Aden, The Yemeni Government said that the military escalation by the Houthi terrorist militia on Marib Governorate, and using ballistic missiles to shell residential quarters, in the governorate and cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, seek to completely eliminate the political path, end years-long political efforts and consultations exerted by the international community and undermine any hopes or future of peace, in Yemen.
In a statement, the government said that the Iran-backed Houthi militia has faced the new US administration calls to back up the peace process, with opening new fronts and escalating military aggression on the civilians in Marib, Taiz and Hodeida. It pointed out that the militia has launched, during last February, as many as 25 ballistic missiles on Marib city, resulting in hundreds of deaths and injuries among the civilians, in addition to killing dozens of women and children, due to the Houthi indiscriminate shelling of residential complexes in Taiz and Hodeida.


Source: Saudi Press Agency