Slovak writer: Western media adopts misleading in covering situations in Syria

Prague, Slovak writer Peter Nišponský has stressed that Western media outlets adopt misleading in covering events in Syria, and they turn a blind eye to the crimes committed by the Turkish and US occupations, and their plundering of the Syrian people’s wealth.

In a report published on the Slovak Iskra website, Nišponský said “The Turkish and US occupations don’t only plunder the natural resources of Syria, but they also practice acts of killing and violence against the citizens of Syria which is a sovereign state and a UN member state.”

He referred to the dirty role played by the so-called “White Helmet” terrorist organization which claims practicing humanitarian work while it stands behind staging false flag chemical attacks, and contributes to organizing the process of stealing the Syrian oil to fund terrorist acts against the legitimate Syrian Government which is combating international terrorism in cooperation with its allies.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency