Saudi Arabia Advances on 4 International Indicators related to Empowering Women, in 2020

Riyadh, Data based on international reports showed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has Advanced on four internationally-women- empowering-related indicators, in 2020, it was reported here today.
Saudi Arabia ranked first in terms of equality among the sexes, in the ratio of admission to higher education, in accordance with the results of the gap index among the two genders.
It also achieved a quantum leap considered as the biggest improvement, on women business and law activities since 2015, at 150.7 per cent compared to 2017, an increase of 13.3 per cent.
In terms of assuming top level administrative posts, another women-related indicator, the Saudi women have achieved an increase of 183 per cent.
The Kingdom moved 33 steps forward, in terms of wages’ equality between the woman and man, in similar jobs, according to a report issued by the World Economic Forum.


Source: Saudi Press Agency