Minister of Education Appreciates Leadership Support in Remote Educational Process Success, Extends his Thanks to Education Staff for Their Sincere National Efforts

Riyadh, The Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad bin Mohammed Al Al-Sheikh, praised the support and care of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Crown Prince to education in Saudi Arabia, who did not hesitate to provide all needs to ensure that distance learning continues through multiple solutions, despite the circumstances of the Corona pandemic. This comes as no surprise as the leadership has always been keen for the safety of students and education staff in all of the education sectors including the public, higher education and technical training sectors especially during the corona virus pandemic.
One year after the suspension of in-person learning in educational institutions on March 8, 2020 and the transition to distance learning, the Minister of Education asserted that “This year represents an unprecedented historical stage in the education process in the world and the Kingdom. Despite the challenges, the Kingdom was able to provide a unique Saudi model in distance learning that adds to the nation’s successes in coping with the pandemic at all levels.” He also pointed out that this year, “the educational system has demonstrated its ability to rapidly transform from actual in-person and in-campus learning to distance learning within ten hours after the suspension of in-person education, and to continue the educational process without interruption for one day. This decision has strengthened the community partnership to spread the culture of distance education in society. In addition, there has been continuing efforts to ensure the quality of online and distance learning through availability of multiple educational options, flexibility of the tools used, training programs, supervision and follow-up processes, provision of regulations and legislation in accordance with the best international practices, empowerment tools for teachers, and equal opportunities for everyone to showcase their creativity and interact with their students in virtual classrooms.
Dr. Al Al-Sheikh added that the Ministry has created several educational alternatives to ensure the continuation of the educational process remotely through Madrasati platform, 23 educational channels, Ien channels on YouTube, and virtual kindergarten application. He also praised the great efforts provided by universities and Technical and Vocational Training Corporation in providing educational options for its employees, and their collaborative roles in ensuring the continuation of the educational process. He has asserted that the figures recorded by distance education during the year of the pandemic show the size of the achievement and the success that has been achieved with the testimony of (6) international organizations and bodies that conducted two studies comparing distance education in the Kingdom with (193) countries around the world. The results of the two studies showed the Kingdom’s progress in (13) indicators out of (16), and the strengths of the Saudi experience through the speed of response, the diversity of options, and the continuous improvement.
Minister Al Al-Sheikh indicated that the numbers of the Madrasati platform from the beginning of the school year until today show the success that has been achieved in the distance education process in the Kingdom despite the pandemic conditions, as the statistics of the number of visits to Madrasati link since its launch has reached more than 588 million visits, the number of students registered on the platform has reached more than 5 million students in government and private education, 423 thousand teachers, 19 thousand school leaders, 12 thousand supervisors, and more than one million parents, and the number of virtual lessons established has reached more than 120 million, at a daily rate of more than one million lessons, while the number of assignments assigned has reached 36 million that have been recorded on the platform for all academic levels. He proudly stated that the Madrasati platform is a project for the nation, and everyone has partners, and it is a strategic choice for the future, and we are proud of the national competencies that have been achieved in record time and that we will continue to work on developing their tools and documenting them as a success story for the country.
Dr. Al Al-Sheikh stated that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that offers 23 free educational channels in accordance with the curricula and academic plans, indicating that Ien educational channels achieved more than 230 million views within a year, placing the Kingdom in the top rank among Arab countries for the most-watching country to educational channels, with a total of 24 million watch hours, 186,000 satellite broadcasting hours, and more than 23,000 filming hours. The number of subscribers in the YouTube Channels reached 1.2 million, as the first Arab country in this aspect, with a total of 27,000 classes published on satellite channels and YouTube, pointing out that the Kingdom was unique among the Arab countries in covering all curricula of special education and continuing education categories, by allocating 3 channels for special education and a channel for continuing education, in addition to translating all public education curricula for all academic levels into sign language for hearing disabilities students. Dr. Al Al-Sheikh indicated that the number of registered students in the virtual kindergarten application is more than 300,000 children, and more than 283,000 parents.
The Minister of Education thanked and expressed his appreciation of the education staff, including teachers, administrators, school leaders, supervisors, teaching staff and trainers, for their dedicated patriotic efforts to successfully continue the distance learning process. He also thanked the families and parents for their cooperation and their standing with their children in overcoming the circumstances of the pandemic and completing an important step in their educational path. He also praised the cooperation between the society’s institutions in achieving the expectations of the leadership by working together in overcoming the challenges of the pandemic at all levels.


Source: Saudi Press Agency