Foreign Ministry: Syria strongly condemns unilateral, coercive measures adopted by US and EU against Russian Federation

Damascus, Syria strongly condemned  illegitimate coercive measures adopted by the US and  EU against the Russian Federation, which in principle contradict international law and form a flagrant violation of Russian domestic affairs.

” Syria reiterates that pressures exerted by the West through those measures, and the continuous attempts to impose its policies on other countries, are doomed to failure and will lead to nothing, but to the escalation of tension and the spread of instability at international arena,” an official source at Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Saturday.

The Source added that Syria renews its full solidarity with friendly Russian Federation in the face of arrogance and the hegemony method that govern  the US policy and its agents.

“Syria calls for the immediate removal of such illegal measures and reconsider  the international law in order to preserve peace and stability in the world,” the source stressed.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency