Arab Interior Ministers Council Condemns Houthi Militia’s Terrorist Attacks Toward Saudi Arabia

Tunis, The General Secretariat of the Arab Interior Ministers Council strongly condemned the Iran-backed terrorist Houthi militia launching of a ballistic missile and bomb-laden UAVs targeting civilians and civilians objects in a number of cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia deliberately and systematically that the Forces of the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen managed to intercept and destroy.
In a statement issued today, the General Secretariat denounced these terrorist attacks that target civilians objects and threat the region’s security and stability in a flagrant violation of international law and norms. The General Secretariat praised the roles played by Saudi Forces and the Coalition Forces in taking appropriate measures to protect civilians and confronting all terrorist attacks.
The General Secretariat reiterated its full support and solidarity with any measures taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to ensure the safety of its citizens and residents.


Source: Saudi Press Agency