Production wheel spins again in Aleppo…its products showcased at “Made in Syria” Expo

Aleppo, Undaunted by all harsh circumstances and the unjust siege imposed on Syria, Aleppo’s factories and workshops have returned to work with defiance and competitiveness, announcing the return of production wheel, and this has been evident through the specialized exhibition for exports “Made in Syria”.

The expo was held at Damascus Fairgrounds, where the best products of Aleppo factories and workshops have been showcased.

Rami al-Ibrahim, an industrialist from a woman fashion factory in Aleppo, told SANA reporter that his products are prepared for the local markets, in addition to the presence of varieties of products for exportation in accordance with the standards of the Arab markets which require’’ special models and specific quality’’.

He noted that his goods are mostly targeting the Arab markets, on top the Iraqi ones, in addition to working on contacting expatriates to promote the products in the European markets, and to seek to bring back the Syrian goods to the South American markets.

Al-Ibrahim added that the difficulties facing the exportation of products are represented in the price fluctuation, in addition to the unjust blockade imposed on Syria by Western countries, and the obstacles in shipping, particularly to the European countries.

Faisal Khalifa, an industrialist from Aleppo City, said that 80 percent of his products are assigned for exportation, as the Syrian cloths have many costumers in the Iraqi and Libyan markets due to their high quality.

Industrialist Jumaa Jabour, from children’s clothing company, said that the company’s products are sold in the local and neighboring markets, as the company owns nearly about 1400 models, and it is able to meet the needs of any market, since the Syrian goods have been able to attract the Iraqi merchants because of their high quality and diversity.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency