Bahrain Strongly Denounces Terrorist Houthi Militia’s Targeting of Abha Int’l Airport

Manama, The Kingdom of Bahrain strongly denounced and disapproved Iran-backed terrorist Houthi militia’s attempt to target Abha International Airport, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by a bomb-laden UAV, in a cowardly terrorist attack, targeting innocent people’s lives and civil facilities, in a violation of the humanitarian international law.
The Bahraini Ministry of Foreign Affairs hailed, in a statement, the bravery and readiness of the Forces of the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen, for intercepting the UAV and destroying it.
The Ministry reiterated, at the same time, the Kingdom of Bahrain permanent supporting stance for relentless efforts exerted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to counter these serious terrorist acts and anyone who tries to destabilize its security and stability, expressing its fully standing along the side of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in taking deterrent measures to confront heinous Houthi aggressions.


Source: Saudi Press Agency