Arab merchants: Syrian clothes compete foreign productions in quality and price

Damascus, ” Made in Syria” export textile exhibition which brings together more than 360 companies, and with the presence of more than 1000 visitor, witnessed a great activity on its second day as  a number of Arab merchants stressed that the Syrian clothing product has the best seller in the markets and competes the foreign one in quality and price.

Imad Talib, a clothing merchant from Basra province, Iraq, said in a statement to SANA that the exhibition displays high-quality goods and many kinds of trade marks that compete with foreign goods in Iraq markets, adding that the Iraqi people requesting Syrian goods because of their good reputation.

Karim Saleh Tabour, another Iraqi clothing merchant, pointed out that the exhibition witnessed a remarkable improvement and development over the previous years, as the Syrian goods proved its ability to compete and be the best seller in the Iraqi markets in terms of material and sewing method.

Jumah Idris, from Libya, a textile merchant, indicated that he visits the exhibition annually and witnesses the development in the Syrian industry, pointing out that the Syrian goods are distinguished from their counterparts of foreign goods displayed at his shop in Libya.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency