Syrian tribes in Hasaka support the army to expel occupation

Hasaka, Several Syrian tribes and clans in Hasaka affirmed their condemnation of US occupation –backed QSD militia’s practices of kidnapping teachers, and stealing the capabilities of Syrian al-Jazeera for the sake of the occupation.

In a statement issued by Sheikh Meshaal Banyan Abdul Karim al-Jarba , the clans and tribes affirmed support to President Bashar al-Assad and Syrian Arab army to liberate  every occupied inch of Syrian lands.

The statement stressed that the Syrian people are still suffering from QSD militia and its criminal policy, calling on the deceived youth who joined QSD to return to the lap of the Homeland.

“We condemn the barbaric arrests by QSD militia in Markada areas and its villages, which are  carried out under the cover of the so-called coalition forces only to destroy and humiliate peoples and tribes.”.  the statement said.

The statement called on all human rights’ organizations to consider what is going on in  Syrian Al-Jazeera area of systematic destruction of education and preventing students from going to schools by QSD militia.

It called on the honorable Syrian Kurds to declare innocence from this militia to maintain security and stability in al-Jazeera.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency