House Speaker, Nabih Berri, on Tuesday welcomed at his Ain El Tineh residence, the UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon, Jan Kubis, who came on a farewell visit marking the end of his diplomatic duty in the country and his assumption of a new mission in Libya.


During the meeting, Speaker Berri raised with his host the Israeli continuous violations of the Lebanese airspace and using it as a platform to target Syria, in addition to its ongoing violations by land, most recent of which was the kidnapping of a shepherd from inside Lebanese territories,  in clear and blatant violation of Resolution 1701.


On the other hand, Speaker Berri received US Ambassador to Lebanon, Dorothy Shea, with whom he discussed the general situation, especially the repercussions of the stifling crisis rattling Lebanon.


Berri raised with Ambassador Shea the issue of indirect maritime and land border demarcation negotiations, stressing the importance of their resumption with momentum given the importance of the aspired results envisaged for Lebanon and for consecrating its sovereign rights and investing in its wealth.


Source: National News Agency