Moscow criticizes OPCW’s bias against Syria: it turned into tool for political manipulation

New York, Russia strongly criticized the technical secretariat’s policies of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons “OPCW” regarding the alleged chemical attacks in Syria, stressing that the organization showed its bias and politicization of those issues.

“The evidence volume of wrongdoings in the work of the organization secretariat is huge and has surpassed critical level until the start of 2021,” Russia Today website quoted Russian Deputy Representative at Security Council, Dmitry Polyanskiy, as saying in a session of the Security Council via video on Tuesday.

He clarified that the talk is about “trust crisis” at one of the most credible international organizations in the world which has turned into a tool of the political manipulation and a punishment for the undesirable parties.

Polyanskiy added that the assessments of José Bustani , First Director-General of OPCW at the Security Council in last October reflects the internal situation that constitutes a dramatic problems to the organization’s reputation and effectiveness ,asserting that Moscow was insisting to call the current OPCW’s Director general , Fernando Arias, for discussions on the so called “chemical file” in Syria at the Security Council with the aim of clarifying the “outstanding issues” but he created “various arguments” not to attend.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency