A minor earthquake monitored south Khamis Mishait, Saudi Arabia

Abha, Saudi Arabia, A minor earthquake took place today south of Khamis Mishait Province, an affiliate of Assir Region in the southern parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with no human or material losses inflicted, Saudi authorities announced here.
Tariq Abalkhail, official spokesman of the Saudi Geological Survey (SGS), said the National Network for Seismic Monitoring at the National Center for Earthquakes and Volcanoes, an affiliate of SGS, has monitored an earthquake measuring 3.1 degrees on Richter scale with a depth of 2.5km located ten kilometers south of Khamis Mishait province, affiliating to Assir Region in the southern part of the country.
He described the earthquake, which took place at 14:56:07, as weak and not caused any human or material harms, citing that the National Center for Earthquakes and Volcanoes receives signals of such incidents across 270 stations throughout the Kingdom.


Source: Saudi Press Agency