Syria Trust for Development raises SYP 6 billion for those affected by fires

Damascus, Syria Trust for Development announced that the fundraising campaign that it had launched to support those affected by the fires has achieved a great level of popular and economic response as good sums were put in the campaign’s bank account which amounted to SYP 6 billion.

On its page on the Facebook, the Trust indicated that all families and individuals whose crops had been affected by the fires will be assisted with the full amount of the donations collected.

It noted that this financial aid which has been provided by a popular donation campaign with the contribution of donors from different provinces, will be an addition to the support approved by the government to compensate the affected which includes providing direct material support to farmers for the full value of the season damaged by fires.

The Trust added that it will rely on the results of the survey and statistics collected by the central assessment committees in each province, as its teams have begun their logistical and technical procedures in coordination with the ministries of agriculture and local administration in preparation for the distribution of donations to the affected people in the coming period.

It expressed appreciation and thanks to all the donors for their initiative to help the affected people and for their confidence in its national, social and developmental role.

On October 11th, the Syria Trust for Development launched a national donation campaign for the benefit of the affected people in different provinces.

Hundreds of individuals, businessmen, private universities, commercial, industrial and financial companies and various figures from the unions, chambers of commerce and industry, and civil associations also contributed to this campaign of donations.

The donation campaign launched by the Syrian Trust represents an effective form of immediate social response to support those affected by disasters and crises.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency