President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, thanked the United Nations and world countries, Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations for the rapid response to help Beirut and the Lebanese after the explosion that took place in Beirut Port, on the 4th of last August, stressing that it had a great positive impact on Lebanon and the Lebanese, practically and morally, “So that our people felt that they were not alone, but they had brothers in humanity in this world who didn’t hesitate to support”.

The President presented the course of the crises that struck Lebanon, and the tragic repercussions thereof, latest of which is the explosion, stressing that all of Lebanon wants to know the truth about the explosion and to achieve justice. President Aoun also asserted that “We are still awaiting information of international teams that have done the necessary research on the mystery of the ship as well as on satellite images, to clarify the ambiguity in this part of the investigation, whose conclusions will be poured into the Judicial Council in the context of jurisdiction of Lebanese sovereignty”.

In addition, the President pointed to the issue of displaced Syrians, which Lebanon has dealt with its crises based on the principle of humanitarian duty and respect for international laws, especially the principle of non-refoulment, and called for “Intensifying efforts for a safe and dignified return and not linking it to the political solution in Syria, and assisting the Lebanese Government in implementing the plan it approved for their return, and donor countries fulfilling their obligations and providing aid to governmental institutions and Lebanese host communities, in response plan prepared by Lebanon in cooperation with the UN”.

Then, the President of the Republic renewed Lebanon’s commitment to UN Resolution 1701 in all its components, and its request to the international community to oblige Israel to fulfill its full obligations in this field and stop its violations of Lebanese sovereignty, and urged it to cooperate with UNIFIL to demarcate the remainder of the Blue Line and the immediate withdrawal from northern Ghajar, Shebaa Farms and Kfarshouba Hills.

“Lebanon adheres to its full right in its waters and natural resources of oil and gas and to its entire maritime borders according to international law, and looks forward to the role of the UN and friendly countries to consolidate its rights, specifically the mediation of the United States of America to conduct the necessary negotiations to finally demarcate the maritime borders in accordance with international law, and in a manner that preserves Lebanese sovereignty and rights in its wealth” the President said, stressing that the Lebanese of all sects adhere to preserving a large Lebanon, which is united without any division or segregation.

The President’s stances and positions came during a speech he delivered on behalf of Lebanon, at the UN General Assembly, this evening (Beirut-Time) on the 75th session, in accordance with the procedures of health protocol followed by the international organization, which required delivering the speech via video technology.


Source: National News Agency