Saudi Summer 2020: Beauty of Natural World, Historical and Cultural Harmony

Riyadh, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is distinguished by the hot weather in some regions which will not be an obstacle against spending enjoyable times for the individual and the family in Saudi Arabia during the summer of this year 2020.
Saudi Summer 2020 that comes under the slogan “Breathe” and organized during the period from 25 June to 30 September, focuses on various tourist attractions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in line with the nature and weather of each destination. The Saudi Summer includes ten tourist destinations each has its own special features. The ten destinations are: Riyadh; Eastern Region; Tabuk; Baha; Asir; Jeddah; Taif; Yanbu; Umluj and King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC).
The charming nature, climatic diversity, historical and cultural depth and the existence of fertile valleys, sandy areas, attractive rock formations, beaches, dense forests as well as the cold climates and the historical villages and towns were all the criteria behind the selection of the ten destinations.
More than 100 packages for the tourist destinations were designed for individuals, families and tourists with a wide range of options including marine, land and mountain activities as well as full day trips. The packages are allocated by the Tourism Authority through the website “Visit Saudi”
The Saudi Summer “ Breathe” is not only focused on exploring nature and leisure, but it also extends to several aspects, the most prominent of which is the cultural aspect. The packages include exploration voyages to ancient civilizations cities, historical villages, towns and various museums.
Launching the Saudi Summer 2020 by the Ministry of Tourism and the Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) came as an opportunity to discover the multiple tourist destinations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the historical, natural and cultural treasures that these cities contain. Citizens and residents hope that this season will be the real beginning for the advancement of the tourism sector in Saudi Arabia.


Source: Saudi Press Agency