The Doctors’ Syndicate reiterated, in a statement today marking the World Anti-Smoking Day celebrated by the “World Health Organization” on May 31 of each year, its call on the government for “the effective and serious implementation of Law No. 174 on the prevention of smoking in public places.”

The statement pointed out that according to the WHO statistics, smoking of all kinds kills more than 13 people daily in Lebanon, at a rate of 4,800 victims annually, and studies have confirmed that smoking affects the human immune system, and smokers are more likely than others to contract Coronavirus. Additionally, it indicated that sharing the hookah and its preparation, and the hand contact between people, greatly increases the risk of infection and transmission of the virus.

The Syndicate, thus, urged the State and the Ministry of Health to “seriously interfere to ensure the implementation of Law 174 instead of keeping it ink on paper, and to spread awareness about the danger of smoking and the harm caused by the smoker to himself and others surrounding him/her, and to take decisive measures for the health of the citizen in combating and prevent smoking in public places.”

Finally, the Syndicate called on the State in its issued statement to move to protect people from the catastrophic scourge of smoking, an effort that will reflect positively on reducing the health bill and preserve public health.


Source: National News Agency