Tishreen maintains lead as Syrian Premiere League matches are resumed

Provinces, The 17th stage of Syrian Premiere League was concluded on Friday, with six matches being held.


Tishreen maintained its lead in the League despite tying with al-Jaish 2-2 during their match, while al-Ittihad won against al-Shurta 2-0, al-Talia won against Jableh 1-0, Hettin won against al-Nawaeer 2-0, al-Karama won against al-Sahel 3-1, and al-Jazeera tied with al-Wehda 2-2.


Current ranking:

1-Tishreen (40 points)

2-Al-Wathba (36 points)

3-Hettin (33 points)

4-Al-Jaish (31 points)

5-Al-Ittihad (29 points)

6-Al-Wehda (27)

7-Al-Karama (25 points)

8-Al-Shurta (22 points)

9-Al-Talia (21 points)

10-Al-Nawaeer (16 points)

11-Al-Futuwa (15 points)

12-Al-Sahel (12 points)

13-Jableh (9 points)

14-Al-Jazeera (6 points)


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency