Daily Archive: May 23, 2020

المتعة والانغماس ينتظرانك في منتجع ريتز كارلتون، بالي

بالي، إندونيسيا، 23 أيار/مايو، 2020 / بي آر نيوزواير / — ما من وقت أفضل من الآن للبدء في التخطيط لعطلتك المترفة التالية حين يحين الوقت للسفر ثانية. يسر فندق ريتز كارلتون في بالي – The Ritz-Carlton, Bali دعوة الضيوف للتمتع بالضيافة الذائعة الصيت لهذا المنتجع الشاطئي الذي يطلق عرضا حصريا ينبغي استغلاله قبل الـ 15 […]

The Corona Virus Follow-up Committee, Saturday, held a meeting at the Grand Serail, chaired by the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Defense, Chairman of the National Committee for Disaster Management, Major General Mahmoud Al-Asmar, in the presence of the Advisor to the Prime Minister for Health Affairs Petra Khoury and representatives of a number of international organizations, namely the United Nations Refugee Organization (UNHCR), United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA), United Nations Development Program (UNDP), United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), World Health Organization (WHO), Doctors Without Borders (MSF), and International Organization for Migration (IOM). Talks during the meeting centered on the epidemiological developments in Lebanon, and setting an immediate mechanism to address the issue of the residential building in Beirut’s Ras al-Nabaa area, where conducted tests revealed a large spread of the virus among members of the Bengali community residing in said building. Conferees also tackled the need to conduct comprehensive PCR checks for the displaced, refugees and foreign workers in Lebanon. The first phase of the implementation plan related to the arrangement and operation of 29 quarantine centers in various Lebanese regions was also launched. Source: National News Agency

MP Hadi Abou al-Hassan urged the government to abstain from superfluous chattering, deeming the achievements mentioned as “unrealistic”. Speaking in an interview with “Voice of All Lebanon” Radio Station this morning, Abou al-Hassan considered that “the electricity file is thorny,…
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