KSrelief: The Center is the sole authority responsible of receiving and delivering donations abroad

Riyadh, King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) has pointed out that some bodies and charities are trying to collect donations for some countries, societies, institutions or associations, which is contrary to orders issued in this regard conforming that the Center should be the sole authority responsible of collecting relief, charitable or humanitarian donations, whether it was originated by government or public, to deliver it to those in need outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, according to the regulations issued in this regard.
In a statement issued today, the Center called on everyone not to respond to what is circulated in posts or clips through some media outlets or social media, so that people don’t engage in suspicious operations that fall within money laundering or terrorism financing and others, and that donations must be through the official authorized body, which is King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center.
The statement added that the Center has prepared an electronic portal to receive donations at the following link: donate.ksrelief.org as well as through text messages to the number (5565).
Donors can also send donations directly to the following bank accounts:
Banque Saudi fransi: SA5655000000099088000563
Albilad Bank: SA6115000999126644880015
Alinma Bank: SA5705000068222222207001
The statement stressed the Center’s keenness to deliver aid to those who are eligible abroad according to the highest professional standards and financial transparency applied locally and internationally and that KSrelief does not deduct any administrative expenses from donations, pointing out that the Center operates so far in 49 countries in various sectors of humanitarian work.


Source: Saudi Press Agency