Chief Executive Officer of the Rene Mouawad Foundation, MP Michel Mouawad, cautioned Sunday that as we are on the verge of easing the lockdown measures, we have to be very careful to avoid any error in the phase of lifting the general mobilization, “since any mishap will take us back to a more dangerous, harsher and worse stage than before.”

He added regretfully that “the tragedy will appear even more after lifting the general mobilization at the level of hundreds of thousands of employees who will be losing their jobs, and more than 50% of the Lebanese will be under the poverty line.”

Mouawad’s words came in a press conference he held today at the Mouawad Foundation’s Center in the town of Majdalaya – Zgharta District, where he launched the “Together” and “Sawa” initiatives to contain the Corona epidemic and support the community and citizens in the face of the virus at the medical, social and daily living levels.

“Some people think that by lifting the general mobilization phase, we are rid of Corona, so I say to these people that we are not done yet, not on the medical level, because the vaccine is not yet available. Secondly, we are folding today with the lifting of the general mobilization, the first stage of the Corona virus and we are proud that we have done an excellent job,” Mouawad said.

“We successfully passed the first stage as a result of the convergence of three factors: first, the serious and effective work of the government, secondly the great commitment of citizens, and thirdly the divine providence protecting Lebanon,” he added.

Mouawad thanked the government, the Minister of Health and all the Health Ministry’s staff, the medical teams in hospitals and medical institutions in Lebanon, the Lebanese Red Cross, and the MEA staff for all their relentless efforts and solidarity, which helped to successfully pass the first stage.

On the economic side, the MP affirmed that “the situation in Lebanon is more difficult than any other country in the world, because the Corona virus coincided with an economic crisis and bankruptcy of the state, which led to a monetary, financial, economic and social collapse, and the Lebanese state does not have the capabilities to face the virus repercussions.”

Consequently, Mouawad indicated that in light of the critical health situation and its gravity in the second stage, the seriousness of the economic, social and living conditions and the limited state capabilities, the responsibility on the non-governmental institutions, private sector and citizens has increased to compensate for this lack through more cooperation and solidarity, to provide integrated solutions in coordination with the state.

“Today, we face a new challenge and a new act of faith in Lebanon, and we will rise to this challenge and win it, and prove once again that we are an institution capable of linking effectively and transparently those who want to help, on one hand, with those who need help, on the other hand, so that the Lebanese can remain on their land, and so that we protect them from hunger, destitution and humiliation,” Mouawad corroborated.


Source: National News Agency