“The Lebanese government, headed by PM Hassan Diab, was able, through cooperation and collaboration between the ministries concerned, to be a united front, immune and deterrent, in the face of the Corona epidemic,” said Public Health Minister Hamad Hassan on Saturday.

“Lebanon has succeeded in avoiding the bad scenario and the large number of infected cases and deaths, due to its careful monitoring of the existing field data, which can be described as modest, and with great self-confidence and betting on our society that has shown high readiness in fighting the epidemic,” Hassan added.

The Public Health Minister’s words came in his address today during a medical symposium on the Corona virus in Lebanon, in which he participated along with Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Minister Nassif Hatti, through video conferencing. The symposium was organized by the Lebanese International Medical Association (ILMA), in cooperation with the Diaspora Energy Association in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (LDE), with the participation of 25 lecturers of Lebanese origin from various countries of the world, to exchange experiences regarding the emerging Covid-19 epidemic and to discuss ways to collaborate with the Ministry of Public Health.

“Lebanon must make every possible effort to preserve what it has achieved so far, since it has shown an ability to absorb the epidemic, despite its financial and catastrophic condtions, while the experiences of other countries with advanced hospitalization performance and sophisticated equipment have shown that they have not been able to cope with the widespread of the disease…This leads us not to be lenient and to take great care in the procedures during the transit phase of facing the virus, on the path to a safe return to normal life,” stated Hassan.

He continued to indicate that “the historical and mutually reinforcing scene in the face of the epidemic shared by the resident and emigrant Lebanese, has reflected the spontaneous and innate desire for a safe return to the homeland. This cooperation is not the first of its kind, for the Lebanese have demonstrated this in many stages in their history, especially in the years of war.”

Addressing the Lebanese expatriates, Hassan stressed that “everyone has the right to return to their nation, but it is our duty to ensure the safety of this return in parallel with the safety of the resident community.”

In turn, Minister Hitti highlighted “the importance of the medical symposium in these difficult circumstances in the history of Lebanon and the world, in which scientific contributions are a priority.”

He considered that “the Lebanese Diaspora represents a fundamental force for Lebanon in all sectors and fields, whether intellectual, scientific or economic.”

“You are a bridge of communication for us with the countries in which you live, and what you do, whether individually or collectively, has our great appreciation, because you are promoting constructive communication in the service of the Lebanese society in all fields,” Hitti said in a word of gratitude to the Lebanese emigrants.


Source: National News Agency