GASTAT Releases Results of Labour Market Statistics for Q4 of 2019 Riyadh 2

The results also showed that the rate of participation in the labour force for Saudis reached 46.7% in Q4 of 2019, with an increase of 1.1 percentage points, compared to the previous quarter. The rate of participation in the labour force for Saudi males reached 66.6% in Q4 of 2019, achieving a decrease of -0.4, compared to the previous quarter. The reason for the high rate of participation in the labour force for all Saudis is the increase in the rate of Saudi females’ participation in the labour force by 2.8, which reached 26.0% in Q4 of 2019.
GASTAT indicated that the Labour Market Statistics depends on two main sources for its data. Firstly, a household field survey conducted by GASTAT which falls under the category of (Social Statistics). In this survey, data are collected by visiting a representative sample of households spread out across all administrative regions in Saudi Arabia. In addition, an electronic questionnaire containing multiple questions is completed, through which estimates and indicators are provided regarding the labour force of the working age population for the age group (15+) who reside in Saudi Arabia. Through such questionnaire, an estimate of economically active and inactive population (inside and outside the labour force) along with the most important indicators of labour market, such as unemployment rates, labour force participation rate, employment rates, etc. can be obtained as well.
The second data source is the data and information recorded and updated in government entities related to the labour market which result from official and electronic registration and documentation procedures carried out by such entities. The Ministry of Labor and Social Development, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, Human Resources Development Fund, General Organization for Social Insurance, and National Information Center provide GASTAT with the register-based data through electronic linking periodically. These entities are considered a major source for data of those working in government sector, private sector as well as job seekers in Saudi Arabia.


Source: Saudi Press Agency