MP Nadim Gemayel emphasized, in an issued statement on Sunday, “the need for the parliament to meet in order to hold the government accountable in wake of recent developments and the ramifications of the random circulars issued by the Central Bank of Lebanon.”

“From the first day, the Prime Minister tried to persuade the Lebanese that the government is independent and not subject to the pressures and orders of any political team. However, its efforts did not succeed to that effect, and its mask fell off,” Gemayel said.

In this connection, Gemayel highlighted a number of points that require clarifications on part of the government, namely the fate of the judicial appointments and the appointments in the vacant positions at the Central Bank, the government’s rescue plan at the economic and financial levels, negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, the reasons for insisting on proceeding with the Bisri Dam project despite all controversy surrounding it, and several other points.

“We hope the Presidency of the Parliament Council will call, the soonest possible, for an electronic accountability session at the Parliament House. Technical and logistic preparations are available for such a session and no excuses justify the delay in taking this step, knowing that such sessions do not include any voting and do not contradict in any way with the internal system of the Parliament Council,” Gemayel underlined.


Source: National News Agency