Prime  Minister Dr. Hassan Diab on Thursday met with Loyalty to the Resistance bloc MPs, Amin Sherri and Ibrahim Moussawi.

The latter stated, following the meeting:
“We visited the Prime Minister on behalf of our parliamentary bloc, and reviewed a number of important, exceptional, and critical files in light of the situation. We initially discussed matters related to expatriates and students outside Lebanon, namely those who have faced numerous difficulties in Turkey, Italy, and Africa. A great number of Lebanese people wish to return home, in light of the instability they are witnessing in their countries of residence. His Excellency stressed that an inter-ministerial committee was formed for this purpose, and that the Minister of Foreign Affairs is closely following up on the situation of expatriates through diplomatic missions.”
“The options are under consideration, with the aim of finding a solution to the problems faced by the Lebanese, however this matter requires time. The crisis is now at a global scale and all countries are fighting it with exceptional and urgent measures. The Prime Minister is particularly concerned with this matter”, he added.

He also noted that the subject of prison overcrowding in these critical times was brought to attention. “We have raised the matter of the amnesty law, as well as the necessity that the Government adopts a draft law in this scope, to hasten the proceedings relative to this matter. We are aware of the numerous obstacles, and that concerns regarding this issue are abundant. Nevertheless, this must not hinder the work of the Government and relevant authorities. In this context, the Prime Minister indicated that he will be following this matter with the Minister of Justice.”

  1. Moussawi finally praised the Government for the measures adopted in view of supporting the most vulnerable families, noting that coordination between Loyalty to the Resistance bloc, the Government, and relevant committees shall be maintained, with the aim of achieving the envisioned objectives.


Source: National News Agency