UNIFIL spokesperson Andrea Tenenti told National News Agency correspondent in Tyre, on Wednesday, that “UNIFIL is implementing strict measures in dealing with the emerging Corona virus disease,” highlighting the need “to act responsibly so we can fight against the virus together.”

This came in response to a question over contradictory reports in the Lebanese media regarding UNIFIL’s actions in dealing with the Corona virus.

Tenenti said: “Since the Corona virus outbreak began in Lebanon, UNIFIL has directed its efforts to prevent any spread of the highly contagious disease among its military and civilian personnel, as well as host communities. We have taken all necessary precautions. All these measures were taken in close coordination with the relevant Lebanese authorities and following strict, and sometimes stricter, policies and guidelines issued by the Lebanese authorities and the World Health Organization.”

He added: “With regard to the United Nations peacekeeper whose results were positive, the mission was transparent from the beginning, and carried out all the needed medical procedures,” noting that the test results of all peacekeepers who were in contact with the patient came out negative.

Tenenti stressed that “the recent exchanges taking place were not the result of a new decision, but rather are continuous exchange operations that started prior to the emerging circumstances that we are now facing.”

“The precautionary measures that we have taken apply to all incoming individuals, both military and civilian,” he added. “All UNIFIL personnel returning from vacation or from abroad are placed in a two-week preventive quarantine,” Tenenti asserted.

He also affirmed that “despite the new situation, UNIFIL continues to carry out all its activities in its area of operations and along the Blue Line and at sea, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These activities are coordinated with the Lebanese Armed Forces.”

“UNIFIL also reviewed the roles of all its civilian staff and implemented alternative measures, including home-based work. Additionally, and as a precaution, we measure the temperature of everyone entering our bases, including UNIFIL personnel, whether military or civilian,” the UNIFIL spokesperson reassured.

Tenenti concluded by emphasizing that “we all have very important responsibilities in terms of transmitting information in a realistic and transparent manner. The time is not appropriate for speculations or for increasing concerns, but to act responsibly so we can fight against the Corona virus together.”


Source: National News Agency