President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, stressed on the importance of education in societies Since education teaches social values and the concept of affiliation, and belonging to the homeland. The President also stressed the importance of dire...

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, stressed on the importance of education in societies Since education teaches social values and the concept of affiliation, and belonging to the homeland. The President also stressed the importance of directing students to vocational education, especially in the task which the Lebanese society needs, and reiterated work to combat corruption, prevent bribes, and the waste of public money.

President Aoun's stance came during his reception the head of the Educational Center for Research and Development, Dr. Nada Ouwaijan, who was accompanied by a delegation, today at Baabda Palace.

Ouwaijan briefed the President on the details related to the educational curriculum development workshop, which was launched by the Education Minister and the Educational Center on 9/1/2020.

Dr. Ouwaijan revealed that the project to develop curricula was launched around three weeks ago after the adequate political and economic conditions were available, in addition to funding from external projects. Ouwaijan pointed out that the President has always been keen on this project and on active citizenship in our society, and on the adoption of a fair and sustainable educational project, in order to build a cohesive society and an active citizen.

The main concern is that the citizen is educated, balanced, happy, open, and also enjoying a sense of citizenship and belonging to Lebanon. It is also important for us that this project meets the needs of the society and labor market without working to export human capital abroad Dr. Ouwaijan stated.

Ouwaijan also explained that this project-approach takes into account the digital and technology, which are considered the feature of the times, in order to make entry into the economy of the times and knowledge available for Lebanon, in order to regain its leadership in the region and worldwide.

Dr. Ouwaijan concluded by revealing that during demonstrations, the center launched a campaign entitled For Citizenship to be not only a Word, and prepared directives related to responsible freedom and other related topics, hoping for the President's permanent care for the center and its main concerns.

President Aoun's Reply:

The President reiterated the importance of education in societies, and considered that education progresses on pedagogics because it teaches social values and the concept of affiliation and belonging to the country, while pedagogic programs are specific, believing that it is necessary to determine what the Lebanese citizen lacks in his society, in order to define and extract educational programs. The President stressed on the elements of basic education, such as addressing, correspondence, talking to one another and etiquette, in addition to physical education, food and family.

A person starts by being a creature who belongs to his community, and then moves to be a citizen belonging to his homeland, so that his rights and duties must be determined and likewise, the citizen, especially the Lebanese, lives in a diverse country, which makes learning the history of the development of religions a necessity for him, in order to look up to God with openness of thought and capability of understanding the concept of home President Aoun said.

The President considered that family planning has become very essential today, especially in Lebanon, which suffers from population growth, and wished to place this within the aforementioned project. President Aoun stressed the importance of directing students to vocational education and reaffirming its commitment to fighting corruption, especially in light of the new Government.

President Aoun met the Ambassador of Bangladesh to Lebanon, Abdul Mutalib Sarker, on a farewell visit to mark the end of his diplomatic duties.

The President wished Mutalib Sarker success in his new responsibilities, and thanked him for his efforts to strengthen Lebanese-Bangladesh relations.

President Aoun met two former MPs, Nabil Nicolas, and Abbas Hachem, and discussed with them recent political developments.

Condolences for Victims of the Australian Accident:

President Aoun allocated the Consul General of Lebanon in Sydney (Australia), Charbel Macaron, to convey his heartfelt condolences to Mr. Danny Abdullah and his wife, Laila Geagea, who lost their three children in the tragic traffic accident which took place last week in the Uttland region (Sydney).

The Consul General was also assigned to condole the family of the fourth victim who died in the same accident.

The President expressed his sorrow over the incident and stressed the need to impose the most severe punishment for the perpetrator, who was arrested by the Australian police.

Source: National News Agency