Aoun on National Day for Integration of People with Special Needs: Rights of this segment should not be neglected

President of the Republic, General Aoun, stressed on the National Day for the Integration of People with Special Needs, that the rights of this segment should not be neglected, but that all efforts should be made to ensure them for their dignity and th...

President of the Republic, General Aoun, stressed on the National Day for the Integration of People with Special Needs, that the rights of this segment should not be neglected, but that all efforts should be made to ensure them for their dignity and their natural interaction with the society.

President Aoun stressed his belief in the importance of strengthening frameworks for the integration of people with special needs, especially in the fields of study and work, to benefit of their own energies, and to provide the necessary support for them and their families.

The President said that he is exerting efforts to solve the current crisis, which affects institutions and associations dealing with the affairs of people with special needs, despite the complexities and difficult circumstances in the country, because this file cannot wait for solutions and clearing problems.

On the other hand, Aoun continued his meetings and contacts to address the current political and economic situation and followed up the work of Ministries.

In this framework, President Aoun received the Minister of Displaced Affairs Ghassan Atallah, who said after the meeting: "I visited the President of the Republic to put him in the latest atmosphere concerning the files of the Ministry of Displaced, and to prepare all the final schedules that I committed to according to the plan that we set, as well as to update his excellency on files that were completed in the caretaker period, Especially in the evacuation clause that we have taken upon us, which is completed and its funds are secured by the Council of Ministers".

"I also put President Aoun in the atmosphere of the rest of the files that were prepared to be ready when securing funds to be paid quickly, as well as the work of the Ministry in general. The meeting was special" Atallah stated.

Asked whether the appropriations of the Ministry of Displacement had been transferred to it, Minister Atallah explained that his ministry is using the funds that were allocated before taking over its responsibilities, "Because the appropriation of the 40 billion, allocated in the 2019 budget, have not yet been transferred from the Ministry of Finance to our ministry's fund" Atallah said.

President Michel Aoun then received the head of the "Arab Unity Party", former Minister Wiam Wahhab, and discussed with him the general situation and recent developments.

Wahab explained that he had discussed, with the President, the social conditions and the suffering of people from high prices and lack of control of commercial enterprises. He stated that "People are complaining about the greed of politicians and about traders for their livelihood."

"President Aoun is in a hurry to start parliamentary consultations, the problem is with the others" Wahhab concluded.

The President met the head of the Association of Banks, Dr. Salim Sfeir, and discussed with him banking and financial affairs.

President Aoun met a delegation from "Dialogue and Bridges", and answered their questions stressing that the coming days will carry positive developments.

The President stressed on the work to find appropriate solutions to various aspects of the crisis, and reiterated the continuation of the fight against corruption and the call for citizens to contribute to the detection of corrupt individuals and manipulators of the livelihood of citizens.

The President focused on the role of the judiciary, after the recent appointments, that will help to hold perpetrators accountable and achieve justice.

On the other hand, President Aoun congratulated the Chairperson of the European Commission, Mrs. Ursula von der Leyne, on her election and the confidence she received from the European Parliament, wishing her success in her responsibilities "To preserve the spirit of constructive cooperation between EU countries and their distinctive historical heritage."

The President expressed Lebanon's pride in its relations with the European Union, and its efforts to "strengthen partnership with it to achieve the goals we meet around, which are based on the promotion of international peace and development, and to strengthen cooperation in the political, economic, cultural, humanitarian, and other fields".

President Aoun also received a cable of congratulations on Independence Day from Iranian President, Sheikh Hassan Rouhani, wishing Lebanon further prosperity and pride for the Lebanese. President Rouhani wrote:

"I am confident, as before, that the initiatives of your Excellency, officials and the Lebanese people, will result in increased stability, security and progress for your country. The Islamic Republic of Iran, as always, will spare no effort to promote bilateral cooperation, in line with the common interests of the two countries."

The President also sent condolences to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, condoling the death of Royal Highness, Prince Miteb bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud.

Source: National News Agency